Monday, May 24, 2010

Online Freelance career - New Ray of Hope

It is an exciting career for many as it offers multiple benefits. Now any professional can render his specialized services to a freelance project from anywhere and anytime.
Here are some benefits of working as a freelancer:

online freelance career

1. Freelance freedom- One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is to work independently. A freelancer can self set his working schedule as per his own convenience. It also keep a professional away from general distractions, office politics, numerous meetings over unattainable goals etc.

2. Liberty of choice and timings- Freelancing allows a professional to devote as much time he wants to put in to particular task assigned. Freelancing means flexibility as it enables a professional to work anytime, anywhere as per his choice and schedule. A freelancer can keep full control over the choice of projects, timelines, milestones and price he wants to quote on the project.

3. Cost effectiveness- Freelancers usually work from home, hence the daily expenses are automatically curtailed. He can save money on commuting expenses, traveling time, petrol bills etc. Also a freelancer can also cut on different expenses like new clothes, dresses and other expenses he might face at the time of working as a full time employee.

 4. Opportunities to make more money- Freelancing brings a chance to widen your horizon by showcasing your specialized skills across the globe. It also gives you an unlimited scope to execute projects and earn money for successfully accomplishing a freelance project. Social networking channels can also help you in earning great profits and also a chance to connect with professionals & companies all around the globe.
Most of the online services marketplaces, such as Elance, LimeExchange, ODesk, Guru, etc., also offer free profile posting where a freelancer can get access to varied projects matching his domain of expertise.

5. Less Pressure and work stress - The level of frustration and resultant stress is relatively very low in freelancing as compared to that in a full-time job. As freelancing keeps a professional away from the work pressure and annoying bosses which results in improved efficiency. This will help a freelancer in executing the projects and building a triumphant online presence. Less pressure and stress brings a lot of opportunities for freelancer to put in their best every time in a project.

6. No job risks- The current global slowdown has resulted in massive job layoffs across the globe but for freelancers this has turned out to be a bright opportunity to acquire more projects. Also, professionals who have lost their jobs have started freelancing as this helps them survive and bring a substantial source of earning to them. In order to thrive successfully in freelance business, a freelancer needs to stay updated with latest technologies, trends, demands and the market. He needs keep his learning process on as there would be less exposure to office environment. In that case, a freelancer can make use of tools/resources available online to avoid these difficulties and realize the benefits of this opportunity instantly and effectively.
Hope these benefits will help you explore new avenue to make money online. I welcome your feedback and suggestions on the same.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Your hobby - Your freelance career

Many of us have hobbies that are constructive in that they teach us new things, and occupy our time constructively. What we do not know is that these hobbies are also latent careers in the making. Here, we talk about how easy it is to make your hobby into your new freelancing career.
Got job problems? Or maybe you're thinking of getting into freelancing? Well, don't hesitate. Take out those old home-videos, dust them up and put them in the VCR. Or dust off the journals, and have a read through. Or go through your old coin collection. Or dig out that camera and get snapping. For most of us, freelancing is doing what we do best and making money out of it. I've always kept a journal, so it makes sense that I would become a freelance writer, wouldn't it? Yes. I'm making my hobby pay for me.
Hobbies that you have show your latent talents. You wouldn't be painting as a hobby if you had no idea of how brush strokes work together. You wouldn't make writing into your hobby if you couldn't string two words together. So why not take that hobby you love and make it into a fulfilling career?
Getting into a freelance career isn't as easy as most people think. You need to have a strong base to get started. Only professionals get outsourced projects, so you have to work hard to become a professional in your field. If your hobby is taking wildlife photography, you have to be an expert in judging different types of cameras, lenses, outdoor lighting and so on and so forth. As your hobby, you're doing it for yourself, so you might not be having very exacting standards.
However, if you're planning to make your hobby into your career, you'll have to work a lot harder and be a lot harder on yourself to achieve perfection, or come as close to perfection as you possibly can. Most freelancers have a repertoire of tricks that they use to make their work stand out. As a hobby, you'll probably have learnt quite a few of these tricks yourself, so you're not starting out from scratch.
Moreover, having a decent hobby that you can turn into your career gives you one big advantage: You already have a portfolio. In business terms, this means that you're no longer a newbie and can command higher rates than a newcomer to the field. Good luck with turning your hobby into your freelancing career.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Freelance Career - How Much Money Can I Earn Through Freelancing Jobs?

When freelancers take up Freelancing Jobs or opt for a full time or part time freelance career, the question that constantly bugs them is how much money can be earned through a freelance career or Freelancing Jobs.
Some of the freelancing jobs companies or websites which merit special mention and which will pay you handsome compensation are eHow, HubPages,, Squidoo, BrightHub, Associated Content, Craiglist, Problogger, WriteJobs, and Online-Writing-Jobs.
In fact there are countless other websites like these, which offer handsome money making opportunities and if you can become a guide with, you can earn a minimum of $725 to $1000 per month. appoints guides at the rate of 1 for every subject and if you can match up to their writing standards, you can easily earn up to $3000 to $4000 per month if you are ready to devote more time to writing well researched, keyword rich, informative articles.
 At, you can earn up to $16 per page and some other Freelancing Jobs websites offer up to $18 per page and the compensation will depend on client feedback, difficulty level of the project and urgency. If you can satisfy the customer fully with your articles, you will be rewarded an extra performance bonus for outstanding work and you will receive bi weekly payment.
If you can submit your assignments within 24 hours, you will earn $7 to $16 per page, if you can submit within 48 hours you will be paid between $6 and $14, if you submit within 4 days then the remuneration will vary between $5 and $12 and if you take a week to submit your completed assignments, the compensation will be between $4 and $10 per page. Payment is done through e-gold, Xoom, PayPal and Wire Transfer.
By submitting quality content to Helium you can earn a fat lot of money and the amount you earn will depend on the quality of your content. Innumerable Freelancing Jobs websites will pay you $20 to write one page and if you can devote around 12 hours per day, you can easily write out 10-11 pages per day. That means you can earn $200 to $220 per day. As freelancers you can earn a minimum of $100 per day by spending around 5 hours behind your writing. That works out to $5500 per month if you work 25 days per month. Thus a freelance career can be quite a happening one for freelancers if they are serious and passionate about churning out quality content.
Basically what I am trying to say here is that as freelancers, it is possible to earn a decent livelihood through a freelance career or Freelancing Jobs and a recent study showed that 28% freelancers earned over $2000 per month, 27% freelancers raked in between $1000 and $2000 per month and 44% Freelancing Jobs holders earned a little less than $1000 per month. If you roam through the virtual territory often, you can come across bloggers who make a cool $5000 to $6000 in one month through blogging and Freelancing Jobs.
One day, while accidentally happening to peruse through elance I found out that top freelancers have brought in more than $16000 in the last 6 months by working through Elance.

Freelancing Career is Still a Lucrative Work at Home Option

If you are contemplating starting out with a freelancing career, the decision is an independent one and is circumstantial of the spate of events in your life or career option you decide to choose. With a freelancing career it's most likely that you cut the cloth as per the situation demands and learn the tricks of the trade on your own rather than regular jobs where you tend to have a role model after whom you style your work and modify it as per your individuality too.
Getting started with a freelancing career is not something that everybody will be able to handle. This is because it requires specific standards and a lot of the job happens to be what employees make of it. It depends on a worker how they would like their career to shape.
As a freelancer, great discipline and timeliness are essential for survival in this industry. The freelance world is competitive and you obviously don't wish to fizzle out. You need to follow a strict code of conduct and put in hard work in order to survive. The need to resort to a freelance job is slowly rising as more and more people are becoming aware of its existence. It is no longer considered an odd job that someone did to rake in the extra moolah but is now being considered as a mainstream job option by many.
It's not something that you may have adequate knowledge regarding. As such, it becomes essential that you gather reliable information from dependable sources. If there is a particular freelance job you have in mind and you know someone who's already doing it, it's a great idea to ask them for help. Understand the job requirement so you know if it's really meant for you.
Freelance Career Advantages
The great thing about having a freelance career is that it gives you a lot of spare time that you can use productively for whatever reason it may be. Another great thing is that you could be caring for family members, pursuing a hobby, getting on with college or just about anything that's important to you simultaneously because you'll always be saving a precious few hours each day.
The Requirements of a Freelance Career
When you are taking the plunge, it's essential that you understand the obligations involved. Since there'll be no one to monitor your progress, or as a matter of fact even check your day to day work while you are at it, it's possible that you tend to lag. As such, when venturing out, you need to have astern resolve of doing what is expected of you even though you have every right to sit back and relax another extra five minutes. You need to have a plan and know what you want from such a career because your earning potential is huge considering you can optimize the use of limited time.
Searching Jobs
Searching for a freelance job is not difficult. You can find out about such opportunities at the community hall itself. Of course, this is basic level search but there's loads of information online and you will always find out about jobs in any career path. You may start to freelance after working at a regular job for few years because you know just what the job requires of you. At other times, you could even start a freelance career with the regular company you have been working with. They know you well as an employee and will be more willing to take on the freelance risk with you because they trust your work.
Few Tips
  • Do not take it up just because your neighbor is doing it
  • Know enough before venturing out because you don't want to be left in a soup
Understand if it really suits you or are you just better off at a regular job

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting started as a freelancer : Read this before

I've gotten quite used to the looks of envy I get whenever I say I work from home. The reaction is easy to understand; who wouldn't want a freelance home based job? You work at your own leisure, you don't have to change into a uniform, and you're saved from the hassle of the 7 am traffic. You get savings from transportation and dining out, as well as opportunities for extended family time. Overall? Not a bad deal at all.
But while there are many benefits to going freelance, it's not as easy as many assume. Working for yourself requires a complete 180 degrees change in mindset, as compared to working for an established organization. Being both boss and employee doesn't mean added liberty. It means exactly that: twice the responsibility!
Whatever freelance services you wish to deliver, here are some areas for reflection before you make the shift to being self-employed:
One vs. Many Bosses.
freelance career
It's not unusual for people to take on freelance work to get away from their overbearing, slave driver employers. But did you know that when you go freelance, you multiply the number of your bosses by the number of your projects?
That's right, you don't just have to balance one person's expectations, you have to balance several people! Some clients will be lax; others would be strict. There are those who would micromanage you, and there are those who would expect you to do everything for them with absolutely no instructions. In the freelance world, all of your clients are your employers, and you have to please them all!
This calls from you great skills in adjusting to different personalities, managing time, coordinating schedules and communicating updates. If you're not the type to dance to different drummers all at once, then maybe freelancing is not for you. If several things moving all at once overwhelms you, then you should think twice about working alone. Contrary to popular belief, freelancing is neither for the anti-social nor the easy-going.
Consistent vs. Unpredictable Income.
Ideally, freelancers should have a monthly quota that they have to meet in order to live comfortably. However, if you're self-marketing, there is really no guarantee that you will meet or exceed your target earnings. There will be lean months, and there would be times when your back would break from too much work. And yes, there are also occasions when clients would swindle your hard earned cash! You have to be able to roll with the punches, and anticipate potential setbacks in every project that you do.
Those familiar with freelancing know that a huge chunk of a service provider's time is actually spent on marketing: lead generation, proposal writing, cold calling, profile building, etc. These tasks don't pay directly (and would in fact cost you!), and you should consider them as overhead expenses that must be recovered. So, it's not really true that you get to rake in all you earn; what you don't spend commuting to the office, you spend getting those jobs!
Security from the Company vs. Self-Provision.
Simply put: a freelancer is his or her own caretaker. When you decide to work for your own, you have to say goodbye to employee benefits like free dental and medical check-ups, insurance and salary loans. You also have to set your own "maximum working hours", and dictate "vacation leaves" ---- or else you'll burn out. If you're not used to self-care, then maybe you should think twice about freelancing.
Clear Work-Home Boundaries vs. "I can't work and cook at the same time!"
Lastly, you have to consider whether your home is actually the most conducive place for you to work at. Aside from the obvious requirements of space and quiet, there's also the crucial aspect of being able to separate your work persona from your home persona. Many presume that because you work from home, you can be constantly interrupted to watch the kids, do the laundry and answer the door. If you can't set a clear boundary between you as a worker, and you as a parent/ spouse/ child, then you'd go crazy in no time!