Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ways to redesign your website in a SEO-safe manner to improve visibility

Competition is widely present in every field nowadays. In order to maintain the stand of your company to be firm and rigid, you should have a competent website so that you can excel better than your counterparts. One of the main reason for performing search engine optimization on your contents is the rankings of your website depends on the contents. As long as the content of the website remaining constant, ranking will be the same.

          If you are planning to change the URL’s, then you should make use of 301 redirects so that search engines know they should now go for the new URL instead. Not only with old pages 301 links can be implanted, but also in new pages so as to ensure that all the existing links and SEO juice will be automatically directed to your website. If you are quite satisfied with the content of your site, but just want to ensure that you site gets a new look and feel, then you can easily portray the same content on a new design.

          Many websites uses a separate content and design. So, redesigning process is simple. Even if content and design of a website is intermingled then also redesign is possible with content remaining the same, however the developers has to go through a different process. While designing your website be careful to ensure that it follows Google algorithm updates. As long the contents are easily scrollable in the site, your site will be in good visibility provided design elements do not create a negative impact on the website performance.

          Allow the Google robots to crawl through your JavaScript files, as it will help them in viewing the JavaScript content of your website. It’s a fact that links within JavaScript do get parsed, but there won’t be an associated anchor text always. This has led to at least some links losing important ranking and relevance element. If you are really concerned about SEO results, then there is an option for representing your links in plain HTML and not depend much on Google to get it right.

          Flash can also be indexed easily but has to be done in limits. Do not overdo the indexing. There are certain negatives of using flash as no anchor texts are present for JavaScript. Also, many commonly used phones like IPhone, IPad, and Macs do not support Flash as a default one. Flash has to be treated like a video. Don’t stack the entire site with videos, instead you can add a few videos for improving the site. So, it’s always preferable to not use flash for your entire site.

          So in order to optimize your site in the most spill proof manner, it is always advisable to go for an expert help. Businesses of all types are engaging such professionals and utilizing their services to make sure of a worthy investment in the future of your business enterprise. Metatags are the most valuable traits that you need to utilize effectively when it comes to search engine optimization.