Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freelance SEO Consultation and Advantages

Hiring an SEO Freelancer

Freelancers are individuals that prefer to do their work individually and limited resources. They are usually self-employed and deal with the clients directly. With the advent of Internet and related jobs the freelancing job area is developing in an extreme scale. One such field that is developed recently is the process of Freelance SEO. Doing SEO is something that requires very minimum investment. A Freelance SEO consultant can work with minimum investment on his home PC. It is the techniques and knowledge about Google indexing and updating that matters.

Most of the websites are built by spending a great deal of money and the site builders will be disappointed in the site is not returning enough traffic. The role of an SEO Freelancer is to make the site get enough visibility so that the site gets more visitors. This is done through a series if complicated steps that includes keyword research, link building and competitor analysis. It will also include redoing the website content and replacing it with quality content. Another important function is the analysis of the website titles and Meta tags and replacing them with more optimized phrases. All these processes are done after elaborate planning and if done properly it will increase the website ranking in no time. The process of SEO is more profitable to a vendor compared to paid advertisement as this will give you long lasting effects.

There are two process of doing SEO. You can entrust the site to a SEO company or you can give the work to an SEO freelancer. The process of SEO remains the same in both the cases. But there exists some differences between the two.
  1. Using a freelance SEO consultant is cheaper than hiring a company to do the same
  2. Large SEO companies will need elaborate accounting and reporting procedures that will be affordable to you only if you are doing large scale web campaigning
  3. Even though you cannot assure it, SEO freelancers may deliver more quality of work as they are handling less sites and individual attention will be available for each.
  4. Since the SEO process is done by individuals more care and assurance can be given to each sites. This will be more advantageous compared to sloppy work done by large companies.

Whatever the methods used for SEO the result must be sustainable website traffic. This can be done only with the help of ethical and hard earned SEO process. If you are looking for an offshore SEO freelancer you will need to make clarity about their client satisfaction, work mode and payment practice.

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